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PROVENANCE:    Mariusz Kolecki
                                            Elliott D. Long
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"An aoi-gata shakudo plate that flares dramatically into a thick rim. The plate has four inome sukashi (heart shaped) and four rape flower sukashi. Most thin black lacquer remains on the surface. Eight Mitsu-Tomoe mon are carved between each of the sukashi. A distinctive 3-lobed entrant design appears on one side of the rim. Its function remains speculative.

Several features of the tsuba are suggestive of considerable age. The shape of the nakago-ana and the punch marks around it are typical of Nanbokucho or very early Muromachi period koshirae. The entire tsuba, including the entrant feature is cast. The shape of the inome sukashi are also suggestive of an early manufacture date. The kozuka-ana is of Muromachi style, but a later addition as it partially cuts-out a rape flower. This supports the idea that this tsuba was originally mounted on a tachi. Dates to ca. 1400." (Long)
6.85cm x 7.10cm x 0.75cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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