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"The iron bones of the edge are strong and natural. The surface is glossy black soft steel. The smooth surface is due to the high heat used in the forging. The quality of the iron is excellent. The shape is known as yatsu mokkogata (eight lobe shape). The design as ji-sukashi, is naive in a simple naturalistic style.
Dates to Momoyama period." (Long)
7.20cm x 7.10cm x 0.44cm (edge) to 0.52cm (seppa)

Dr. Kazutaro Torigoye hakogaki.
Tsuba Kanayama.
Tetsu-ji, wanabi design of ketsu braken.
Everything written to the right is true.
Dated Showa 23?.
(no stamps) KODO, 2nd class pre Edo

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