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Well hammered iron plate in 'nade mokko gata' shape. Nobuiye and other early tsuba makers used this shape which, when mounted on a sword, is even more striking in appearance than as a separate piece. Its gentle curved shape has a feminine quality, reminding some of 'otafuku' or of 'okame' shapes and such were consequently called by these terms. This shape was also called 'tate mokkogata' and 'nade mokkogata' in Edo.
The raised rim was formed by being beaten from both the outer circumference inward, and from the inside of the rim flange outward, known as 'uchikaeshi mimi'.
Mei: 'IWAI YOSHIMICHI' H 11831.0.
Made in the style of Nobuiye (H 07061.0) about ca. 1800.
Art name Seiryusai. Worked primarely in Edo.

8.60cm x 9.10cm x 0.25cm (seppa)


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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