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Provenance:   Elliott Long Reference Only
"Round iron plate with well hammered surface inlaid with areas of gold nunome in cloud and grass style design which imitates worn brocade. The reverse with gold nunome design of amida halo over much of the rim of the plate. This style of gold nunome is the forte of the Shoami family school and was first seen in Kyoto work of this family school.
The right side of the seppa-dai is signed: 'Shoami,' and the left side is signed: 'Shigeyuki.' See H 08596.0. He is said to be of the Aizu Shoami school branch and to have worked about 1650-1700. This example of his work would indicate that he was trained in Kyoto and then came to Aizu to work. This is a very good classical example of the Kyoto style but is not often seen in the work of the Aizu school. His work is rather rare making this a very important reference piece." (Long)
7.60cm x 7.60cm x 0.45cm.


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