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Provenance:   Elliott D. Long $1400.00
Iron plate tsuba in the shape known as 'otafuku'. This shape was also called tate mokkogata as well as nade mokkogata. The surface finish, considered rare for iron faces, is 'chirimen ishime' giving the appearance of silk crepe which is very tasteful. The inlayed design on the omote is of a fan with fine carving of foilage, a branch of leaves with dew drops, and a cricket done in silver, shakudo and gold. On the ura is a carrying case in shakudo, silver and gold. The surface of the case is textured.

The signature reads 'YANAGAWA NAOMITSU' with Kao. This is Haynes Index H 06717.0.

5.35cm x 6.35cm x 0.25cm

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