Kyoto-Heianjo Tsuba

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"Iron plate of good quality with brass inlay, that is flush with the surface of the plate (hira zogan), of bamboo on both sides. The bright color of the brass confirms the age to be ca. 1500. Each bamboo stalk and every leaf has finely carved details. The Phoenix on the omote and the two objects on the ura appear to be 24 carat gold inlay. The iron on iron inlay appearing on the bottom of both faces represents terrain." (Long)

Vestiges of a signature seems to read 'MASAMOTO' (H04231.0). Worked in Heianjo ju, Yamashiro Province Kyoto.
6.65cm x 7.0cm x 0.35cm

Heianjo is the old name of Kyoto, the capital city of Japan in the Heian Era.

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