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Provenance:    Jim Gilbert
                                   Elliott Long
                                        Lawrence T Niermeyer
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"A 1st class Owari tsuba from the Momoyama period. The motif is Musashino, the grasses of the Musashi plains. Blades of grass with five dewdrops and two ripe seed heads. The rim is slightly rounded and is beautifully finished. The seppa dai is a bit narrow in Kyoto style. The texture of the iron is entirely Kyo, but the patina is rather blackish. The design and overall feeling is Owari despite the delicacy. Aspects of the sword guards from Owari appear to have been appropriated by a maker in Kyoto." (Long)
8.4cm x 8.3cm x 0.50cm


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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